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10 Positive Effects of Corona Virus (COVID-19) on our Surroundings

The coronavirus pandemic is a weird, questionable time for all of us. The sequence of media reports is by all accounts moving updates of fear, and each data message pop-up is met with a new feeling of fear. Individuals

10 Facts About Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Currently, Corona Virus remains the subject of discussion everywhere, it has been already declared as pandemic by World Health Organization.Due to this virus, many people have already died. COVID-19 is a virus spreading in China and has already affected

Top 10 Yoga Benefits that YOU SHOULD KNOW

Top 10 benefits of YOGA 1. Active Mind 2. Weight loss 3. Metabolism 4. Respiratory benefits 5. Stress reliever 6. Better Respiratory system 7. Body Flexibility 8. Energy & Efficiency 9. Recovering ability or Immunity 10. Detoxification – Get

Top 10 Ridiculous Health Myths (Science Says Are Actually True)

If you’ve spent your most of time on the Internet or on social media, you’ll have come across many health “facts” that are anything but. From the bogus five-second rule for dropped food to the sugar high, many of

Life Style

10 Ways to Eliminate Exam Stress

Exam stress is a very common issue for every second student today. Students are found taking pills for their stress relief.

10 Changes in Delhi Govt Schools

Ten Things that make Delhi Govt Schools Better than Others 10Infrastructure According to the media reports, the interviews that were conducted,


Top 10 Obama Scandals

Maybe it’s simply the idea of the work or perhaps a side-effect of the exceptionally sectarian political atmosphere in

10 Non Chinese Phones Under 15K

India is recognized as largest mobile market in the world with a population of approximately 135.26 crores. Also considered

10 Ways to Save Your Business from Corona Crisis

Tactics that can help your business to stay alive & ahead in this crisis Invest in Work-From Home Technology

10 Remote Tools To Help You During Work From Home

Remote working has been on the ascent for at some point now and is progressively at the front line

Top 10 Gadgets That Exists but You Don’t Know About

Every year many new and incredibly amazing useful gadgets are launched in the market. These gadgets make our life