The Top 10 Players of IPL 2019

The Top 10 Players of IPL 2019

The Indian Premier League is the platform for T20 players to grace their playing skills by showing some extraordinary performances in the match. Some players are best in swinging balls on the pitch while some are just perfect in hitting the balls out of the boundary lines. Top 10 Things brings up a blog this time for the top 10 most valuable players of IPL 2019. For more such TOP 10 BLOGS explore the TOP 10 THINGS website and boost up your awareness.

  • Jasprit Bumrah
  • Rishabh Pant (Delhi Capitals)
  • Shreyas Gopal (Rajasthan Royals)
  • KL Rahul (Kings XI Punjab)
  • Kagiso Rabada (Delhi Capitals)
  • Imran Tahir (Chennai Super Kings)
  • Jonny Bairstow (Sunrise Hyderabad)
  • David Warner (Sunrise Hyderabad)
  • Hardik Pandya (Mumbai Indians)
  • Andre Russell (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Mumbai Indian won the title of winners fourth time in the IPL finals by crushing Chennai Super Kings in the final match with 1 run. The bowling skills of Bumrah in the last over helped them to lift this title again.

By giving a target of just 149 runs to CSK in finals, the team managed to restrict the opposing team from winning the match. However, the chances of Hyderabad from making it to the finals were dented due to the loss of Jonny Bairstow and David Warner. When both the players left the team in between for World Cup preparation, the team of SRH somehow lost their tack from the IPL.

10 Jasprit Bumrah (Mumbai Indians)

Jasprit Bumrah

Titled as the player of the match, Bumrah finished the season as 5th highest wicket-taking bowler with an economy rate of 6.63 and total 19 wickets.

The fact can’t be ignored that Jasprit Bumrah is one of the tops and most valuable players of IPL. The death over expert bowler Bumrah, always manages to keep his mind cool by maintaining a perfect bowling line and length.

During the final match between CSK and Mumbai Indians, the bowling skills of Bumrah helped in restricting CSK from scoring runs till the last over. Match figures which show that he concluded the last over with just 14 runs speaks about his bowling mentality.

 9 Rishabh Pant (Delhi Capitals)

Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant is probably the best-in-class cricketer offered by Delhi Capitals. His keeping, as well as the batting skills, shows that he is going to be the next MS Dhoni for team India.

While nurturing his skills, he has proven that he can live up to the team’s expectations easily. During the IPL tournament 2018, he has managed to hold the position of a second-highest run-scorer with around 684 runs.

But as the IPL tournament 2019 processed, he had grown up maturely with his batting as well as keeping skills. Whether it’s about swinging the ball to the fences or using a strategy to play the innings, Pant has shown that he can be the team savior during intense situations.

Several times, he single-handedly rescued the team from defeat by playing top-class knocking innings, to cross the finish line. During the IPL 2019 tournament, Rishabh Pant maintained consistency by finish the season at a strike rate of 162.65 and a total score of 488 runs in total 16 matches.

 8 Shreyas Gopal (Rajasthan Royals)

shreyas gopal

In the IPL tournament 2018, Shreyas Gopal put everyone in shock by eliminating Virat Kohli and Ab de Villiers in the same match. Some people wrote it as a fluke, but in IPL tournament 2019, he proved it wrong by again eliminating Virat Kohli and Ab de Villiers. In both the matches played between RCB and Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2019, Shreyas Gopal showed the way to pavilion to Kohli as well as De Villiers.

Apart from this, in a match at Chinnaswamy Stadium, he also scalped a hat-trick against RCB. He is the only claimed player who has taken the wicket of Kohli and de Villiers in three consecutive matches against RCB.

After Jofra Archer left the IPL tournament, Gopal became the strike bowler of the Rajasthan Royals. Gopal concluded the IPL 2019 tournament with 20 wickets and an economy rate of 7.22 in 14 matches.

 7 KL Rahul (Kings XI Punjab)

kl rahul

Since KL Rahul has become a part of the Kings XI Punjab, he has proven himself to be the best player of the team. In the previous season, the swashbuckling opener became the only savior grace for Kings XI Punjab most of the time.

By scoring the bulk of runs in the previous tournament, he ended the season by keeping the title of a second-highest run-scorer with an average of 53.90 in 14 matches.  By keeping a total of one century and six half-centuries, he scored a total of 593 runs.

Due to his fierce performance, he helped KXIP in winning some of the matches but still, they wouldn’t make it to the playoffs. The track record of KL Rahul shows that he is one of the best layers who deserve to be a part of a better outfit.

 6 Kagiso Rabada (Delhi Capitals)

Kagiso Rabada

From the last few tournaments, Delhi Capitals kept the bottom place at the points table to themselves, but the IPL 2019 changed everything for them. Most of the credit of this success goes to the top class pace bowler Kagiso Rabada. The South African bowler picked up a lot of wickets and helped the Delhi Capitals to win the matches by beautifully in the death overs.

In no time, he became the leading wicket-taker for the Delhi Capitals. But the unfortunate injury he had during the IPL made him return home while leaving the team in intense situations. This absence of Rabada in the team affected Delhi Capitals in playoffs.

Moreover, this injury also made him lost the purple cap to Imran Tahir, who usually played five more matches than Rabada. With a total of 25 wickets and an economy of 7.82 in 12 matches, he finished the tournament.

 5 Imran Tahir (Chennai Super Kings)

imran tahir

Although Imran Tahir was proven to be lethal T20 bowler, somehow he failed to remain constant in few tournaments. He took wickets in the matches but he failed to do it regularly. But somehow, MS Dhoni retained him in the matches and Tahir returned the favor to Dhoni with an outstanding performance in the year 2019.

In the 2019 tournament, Tahir came out as an outstanding bowler and impressed everyone with his performance. Hitting the bowl on the correct length, turning the bowl with strategy, Tahir eliminated many top batsmen from the match.

Tahir kept the title of the most wicket-taker in IPL 2019 by eliminating a total of 26 players in 17 matches, becoming the most valuable bowler of the season. By taking two wickets in the final against Mumbai Indians, Tahir overtook his competitor, Kagiso Rabada who eliminated a total of 25 players in the tournament.

 4 Jonny Bairstow (Sunrise Hyderabad)

Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow became the part of IPL with a good batting form and managed to keep it till the end of the season. The opening combination of David Warner and Jonny Bairstow worked like a cherry on the top of a cake for the SRH team. The attacking combination of both of these players became an undefeatable strategy for other bowlers. The quick run-scoring ability of Bairstow relived some amount of pressure from the upcoming batting lineup.

Although he didn’t manage it to be a part of the tournament till the finals, his batting performance made a huge benchmark in the season. With an astonishing strike rate of a total of 157.24, he scored a total of 445 runs in 10 matches. He became the only player to score a total of 445 runs in a maiden IPL season. His absence affected the team to some extent but somehow Warner managed to keep the team on the track.

 3 David Warner (Sunrise Hyderabad)

David Warner

One of the most spectacular players of IPL tournament over the years, David Warner is the major reason behind SRH’s success. Instead of being banned by BCCI from IPL matches, Warner came back in the team with a fierce performance. From the very beginning of the IPL tournament, he showed his true potential by scoring quick runs on the matches. Moreover, his partnership with Jonny Bairstow made a huge impact on other bowlers.

The duo broke the record of the highest partnership record by scoring more than 200 runs in a single match. Just like Bairstow, Warner also left the tournament in between but he scored a total of 692 runs with an average of 69.2 in 12 matches, keeping eight half-centuries and one century. His absence in the team failed them to win the eliminator against Delhi Capitals.

 2 Hardik Pandya (Mumbai Indians)

Hardik Pandaya

Mumbai again snatched the title of IPL 2019 winners and Hardik Pandya is one of the main reasons behind this win. In every match, whenever the top order struggled with the batting, Hardik Pandya became the team savior with his excellent batting skills.

With his quick run-scoring innings, Hardik Pandya pulled his team out from intense situations. His attacking cameos at the down order with some perfect helicopter shots resulted in match victories. The all-rounder scored a total of 402 runs in 16 matches with an outstanding strike rate of 191.42 and an average of 44.66.

Apart from the batting Pandya was also proven to be quite useful with his bowling skills. By eliminating a total of 14 wickets in 16 matches, Pandya provided some crucial turning points to his team. Pandya has proven himself as a perfect all-rounder by adding a tag of a brilliant fielder with batting and bowling skills.

 1 Andre Russell (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Andre Russell

The fact cannot be ignored that Andre Russell was titled as the most valuable player of IPL season 2019. With his batting skills and passion, the player single-handedly pulled his team out of trouble situations. The glimmer of hope for KKR, Andre Russell maintained his consistency throughout the tournament when the top order failed to score runs and proven that his batting skills are enough for the team.

The run machine for KKR concluded the tournament, with an unbelievable strike rate of 204.81 and an average of 56.66 in 14 matches, scoring a total of 510 runs. Moreover, Russell also impressed the team with his bowling skills by taking 11 matches in 14 matches. Instead of all the efforts made by Russell, KKR was not able to make it to the finals.

These are the top most valuable players of IPL 2019 who shocked everyone with their performance. Let’s see what the upcoming tournament holds for these players.

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