10 Unknown Historical Facts of India

10 Unknown Historical Facts of India

Facts About India That You Might Don’t Know

  • Number ‘0’ Recalled by Swami Vivekananda
  • About Solar system & its pattern
  • The Concept of Cloning (Identical Human bodies)
  • Astrology & Master ‘Bhrigu’
  • Womb sculpture in temple before X-ray invention
  • India never Invaded since 10,000 years
  • 9/11 that happened 126 years ago
  • Under-rated Brilliant Mathematicians of India

10 India was the most prosperous country because of its Educational system

The fact to be noted is that India had managed its superiority through its KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION SYSTEM but not using its natural wealth for it. It was believed that to rule over Indians, the English and Islamic rulers have first destructed the Indian education system before anything else because they had realized that to rule India, It is essential to vandalize India’s education system before anything else.















It was then reportedly proved that the great universities like Takshashila and Nalanda were exterminated by the then non-Hindu rulers to shake the robust ideologies and teachings of the Indian education system. Despite being the richest,  Indians were the masters at sciences like ‘Medicine’ & ‘Economics’ with great texts like ‘Ayurveda’ and ‘Arthashastra’ respectively till the 17th century.

India could have been serving a lot today to the whole world if not been vandalized by British and Islamic invaders of the medieval era.


9How did INDIA get her name ‘INDIA’?

India’s name line was a long line-up to follow. It started with Sanskrit-based name ‘Sindhu’, derived from Indus River. Then the Persians invaded the country in 5th century BC and Sindhu became ‘Hindus’ as ‘the land of Hindu’ because they used to call them Hindus instead of Sindhus, as probably they might have found the pronunciation hard.






According to Herodotus, the father of History, ‘Hindus’ were then evolved into ‘Indos’, which was later recognized as the first English nomenclature of India in 9th century AD. Lastly, ‘Indos’ became ‘India’ giving itself a modern English name in the 17th century AD.

8 Number ‘ZERO’ was invented by Aryabhatta, but RECALLED by Swami Vivekananda in 1893, Chicago speech.

We have an idea about who invented the number ‘Zero’. But very few of us are aware of the fact that Swami Vivekananda was the one who re-memorized and recalled the value and the existence of that number.






Factually, in Chicago 1893, he was tried to be bullied by the people there, with the number ZERO written before and after his name everywhere in Chicago. As people at Chicago thought Swami Vivekananda would get offended from it.

But by the time Swami Ji realized about it, he made his mind and started his speech with the importance of number ZERO in front of the Americans who under-rated that number.

Make a dark note of the fact that, he got a standing ovation for his very same speech that went exceptionally longer than any other soliloquy. Though the speech had many other subjects included in it.

7 Indians knew the existence of the Solar system and its pattern of movement.





Rigveda, one of the four Vedas (oldest known texts) of Hindu culture has already mentioned about the rotational pattern of the planets around the Sun, as being the heaviest body, it lets the lighter bodies rotate around it.

Later on, it was proved scientifically that the planets really orbit around the sun.

6 Indians had performed successfully the concept of cloning way before the world even knows about it.

The concept of Cloning is used to create the genetically identical copy of a human. In this, the embryo or the fetus is/are required to be grown under specific arrangements outside the womb of a mother.







In Indian epic Mahabharata, the Queen of Hastinapur, Gandhari gave birth to a piece of flash that even in 12 months, which had to be dissected first and then to be grown into 100 identical copies. It is believed that it further took 11 months to grow them as a human body.

Later on, it had successfully resulted in 100 identical copies of male bodies and Gandhari then became the first and the last mother of 100 sons in a single chance of conceiving with the help of cloning.

Cloning in humans, however, is still a subject of deep research but has been successfully implemented over monkeys.

5 First-ever text of ‘Astrology’ was written by Rishi Bhrigu as ‘Bhrigu Samhita’

Rishi Bhrigu was believed as one of the seven legends ‘Sapta Rishi’ of Hindu culture. He was one of the greatest astrologers and was believed to have found remedies for each and every debilitated planet and their inauspicious position.







Shri Ganesha, who is also known as the father of Astrology, had initially permitted him to write but then also tore out some pages of Bhrigu Samhita forever because of his excessive pride and arrogance he gained after finding all the remedies for every inauspicious position of stars.

It is said that remedies for Mars (Mangal dosh) are still uncertain and not found in Bhrigu Samhita.

‘Bhrigu Samhita’ is considered as one of the best texts for the knowledge of Astrological science.

4 Sculptures of a baby in the womb before the invention of X-ray in Indian temple








Indian temple of Kundadam Vadakkunatha Swamy has sculptures on walls of the shape of a baby inside the womb.

It is amazing to find such an imaginary skill of the then sculptor, however, it can be inferred that the knowledge was possibly gained from texts of ‘Acharya Sushrut’ and ‘Maharshi Charak’ as ‘Sushrut Samhita’ and ‘Charak Samhita’ respectively.

Acharya ‘Sushrut’ was the first-ever master of surgical treatments who has passed on his greatness of knowledge through his text Charak Samhita.

3Indians have never looted any country in the last 10 thousand years

Being looted, vandalized, thrived, punctured, and brutally wracked by outsiders, Indian have never revenged and tried to do the same with any of them. None of the history textbooks from the entire globe has any single verse written about Indians been invading any other nation for its own benefit.

Indians being attacked

History itself is the proof of how tolerant and peace-loving this country was, is and will be.

2 There was one more 9/11 that happened 126 years ago






Almost everyone is aware of New York’s 9/11 incident. But a very few of us know that in 1893 there happened something not less than anything memorable but an iconic speech was given on the very same date i.e. 11th September, in Chicago by Swami Vivekananda about Hindu ideologies and the root causes of indifference between different religions, and also about the number ZERO.

No wonder how iconic it was as the speech was yet considered to be one of the most remembered speeches of all time.

1 India had skilled but under-rated mathematicians way before the western nations had







Not one, but you can count on your fingers about the different potential mathematicians of India whose works were suppressed and not given adequate recognition because of unknown reasons.

BHASKARACHARYA, was one of them as one of the greatest mathematician and astronomer of India in 12th century A.D., who was the first to calculate the time taken by the earth to rotate around the sun. But its credit is still inferred to Kepler.

He had also given some crucial concepts of calculus but are credited to Newton and Leibniz, who actually came more than 500 years past of him.

SHRIDHARACHARYA, BAUDHAYANA are some more similar Indian mathematicians whose name did not get their deserving renounce for their concepts and ideas.

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