Top 10 Gadgets That Exists but You Don’t Know About

Top 10 Gadgets That Exists but You Don’t Know About

Every year many new and incredibly amazing useful gadgets are launched in the market. These gadgets make our life easier and saves a lot of time in our daily doing tasks. Nowadays everyone the points on these gadgets to perform simple daily tasks. You may be aware of a lot of gadgets that have been launch in the market, but there are some other inventions that may be hidden from you. Today we are going to discuss about top 10 gadgets that you don’t know existed.

These Gadgets have been there but most of Us didn’t know about

  • Sonogram Belt for Pregnant Women
  • A Tile You Can Call
  • A Projecting Bracelet
  • Insomnia Mask
  • A Flat Iron to Lighten Hair
  • Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask
  • Touch Hear Tactile Dictionary
  • An Extractor Pump Kit
  • Brain Activity Stimulator
  • Bra that Diagnoses Breast Cancer in Early Stages

1. Sonogram Belt for Pregnant Women

The PreVue device allows you to watch your baby inside you. The device has a flexible screen that is attached to the baby bump through a soft bandage. It allows the parents to watch the movements of their baby such as sleep, move, as well as reacting to various sounds even before birth.

2. A Tile You Can Call

Everyone has lost their apartment keys or vehicle keys once in their life and the only thing which they regretted is that they didn’t had any option to call to find those keys. But now there is a gadget named “tile” has been launched in the market which allows you to find the keys easily. You can attach the tile to a bag pack, dog’s collar or even a TV remote. Moreover, you can call the tile from your smartphone easily.

3. A Projecting Bracelet

There is no doubt that the technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the industry of mobile device is also introducing latest technologies for its users. The Circet company has launched a bracelet in the market the project the screen of your mobile on your wrist. Bracelet has a mini projector and sensors that it directly protects the screen on your arm. You can perform several actions directly on your skin.

4. Stop Insomnia Mask

This gadget has been proven to be a relaxation device for those who are unable to false sleep, due to anxiety, or distracted by some external stimuli. The mask contains LED lights that glows and resembles sunset rays, that helps you in falling asleep. When you wake up this lights look like a soft blue glow.

5. A Flat Iron to Lighten Hair

Everyone loves their hair and they always want to try something new with their hair styles. Some girls want to look like a tempting blonde with their hair colour. There is an American company named Pravana hair straightener that lightens and makes your hair look straight within several minutes. The most important advantage of this straightener is that it is usually safer than other hair dyes.

6. Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask

Tired of trying various therapies to make your face look more bright and attractive. A Neutrogena Light mask has been launched in the market that you can directly apply on your face. It has blue LED lights inside it which removes bacteria from your face and the red LED lights reduces the inflammation from your face. You can use the mask once in every month for at least 10 minutes to make your face look more glowing and beautiful.

7. Touch Hear Tactile Dictionary

Scientist are also inventing new devices every day. The scientists of National University of Singapore have created a Touch-Hear text recognition dictionary. The device curtains two different parts: when is a speaker attach to your ear, and other is a small sensor attach your finger pads. You just have to touch any word printed on a book with the scanner and its meaning can be heard through the speaker. The main advantage of this device is that only you can hear the meaning, which means other people will not be disturbed.

8. An Extractor Pump Kit

In case if you are bitten by a poisonous animal and you can’t make it to the hospital, then this device is definitely for you, the extractor pump kit extracts or sucks the poison or at least a part of poison from your body. Apart from this it is also useful in case of mosquito, bee, wasp, or a spider bite.

9. Brain Activity Stimulator

Feeling exhausted or tired, then this device is perfect solution for you. Thync is a relaxation device which helps in relieving stress or tiredness through electrical impulses. There are various modes in the device like “Deep Sleep”, “Motivation”, or “Deep Relax”.

10. Bra that Diagnoses Breast Cancer in Early Stages

Breast Cancer has become a serious health issue nowadays. A young Mexican man after he lost his mother due to breast cancer has invented a “Smart bra” that Diagnoses breast cancer in early stages. The bra is equipped with some sensors that monitors the temperature and weight of breasts. The complete data is send to the app and if there any critical changes are recorded by the sensors; the app notifies the users to take safety precautions.

These may be the top smart gadgets in the market that you may have not heard. If there are any other gadgets you think may not be known to others, then you can share it in the comments section. For more such interesting topic bookmark Top 10 Things and kill boredom with knowledge.

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