Top 10 Most Haunted Places of Jaipur

Top 10 Most Haunted Places of Jaipur

As a kid, we all were a fan of stories of ghosts and haunted places, some of us are still. As a fan of these supernatural phenomenon, nothing gets our nerves tingling, like a spooky and haunted place do. Talking about Jaipur, it is also a city of home haunted and spooky spots. These places include ruined forts, paranormal experiences, palaces that ghosts call home, and so on. Let’s explore the tales of these sightings.

1. Nahargarh Fort
2. Jal Mahal
3. Brijraj Bhavan
4. Kuldhara Village
5. NH-79 Near Dudu Village
6. Jagatpura
7. Bhangarh Fort
8. Delhi-Jaipur Road
9. Rana Kumbha Palace
10. Sudhabay

This is the list of top 10 most haunted and spooky places of Jaipur. Let us read about the story behind these places.

Nahargarh Fort

Situated on the edge of Aravalli Hills, Nahargarh Fort offers a stunning perspective on the city of Jaipur. The Fort was initially called Sudarshangarh. Nonetheless, as the mining began for the development of the Fort, the soul of Nahar Singh Bhomia was upset and harmed. Therefore, his soul began guarding and roaming the site. Despite the fact that the lord who was building this castle for his spouses, changed the name to ‘Nahargarh’, the soul never got any rest till this day. A few stories additionally recommend that an advanced architect who was liable for a reconstruction task of the Fort was discovered dead under secretive conditions.

Individuals accept that the soul was not satisfied with the upcoming redesign work, thus, he killed the individual responsible for it. While The Nahargarh Fort offers a hypnotizing perspective on the Pink city, the spooky story most likely persuades us to visit the grand castle.

Jal Mahal

The Jal Mahal castle gets its name from the way that it is somewhat lowered in the Man Sagar Lake. The 300-year old house is supposed to be an occasion retreat for the rulers of that time.

Till this day nobody could especially understand the genuine explanation of the royal residence being underlying a water body. The surprising part is that four pillars of the spot are built beneath the lake while the highest level which is the fifth one is an epitome of excellence. The determinedly cut terrace and balconies are an engineering wonder. Local people say that the structure was surrendered when the smelling water began leaking through the sandstone dividers. The Jal Mahal Palace has something reasonable of creepy scenes because of which nobody likes to go close to the royal residence after nightfall. Individuals frequently hear shouts from inside the royal residence.

Brijraj Bhavan

Not far away from Jaipur, Brijraj Bhavan has another apparition story to bring to the table. The structure filled in as the castle of the imperial group of Kota. Despite the fact that Brijraj Bhavan is presently a Heritage Hotel, guests who have stayed, have had something reasonable of creepy stories to share. Prior to the imperial family, the house had a place with Major Charles Burton who was severely killed alongside his family by Indian Sepoys during the defiance of 1857. As indicated by the security work force at the redesigned constructing, they frequently hear a man requesting them in English – not to rest or smoke when on the job.

An elderly person strolling with a stick is seen frequently however he doesn’t hurt anybody aside from chastening the watchmen for having a laid back mentality at work. A portion of the watchmen have likewise professed to have been slapped by Major Burton. Being slapped by anything non-human doesn’t sound lovely, without a doubt. It surely is an intriguing convenience choice to consider when visiting Kota.

Kuldhara Village

Once a prosperous town, it is currently a surrendered desert. The remaining parts of the town remains in a creepy silence. 200 years prior, it is said that a pitiable minister was resolved on wedding a delightful young lady in the town. He additionally took steps to hurt the family and grab the young lady on the off chance that they disagree.

The residents cast a terrible spell on the town that it will never be possessed and left for good. Paranormal researchers have visited the town and have professed to have recorded the chilling voice of the locals. There were additionally some unexplained scratch blemishes on the vehicle while they could likewise observe impressions of children in the mud Visitors have detected an abrupt a bizarre degree of inconvenience when they went to Kuldhara. Won’t you like to visit the charming site?

NH-79 Near Dudu Village

NH-79, the Ajmer-Udaipur Highway has its notoriety for being one of the spookiest places close Jaipur. Running past an uncanny town named Dudu, around 62 KM from Jaipur, this Blood Thirsty Highway clears its way into paranormal exercises. Legends state these exceptional exercises began after an astonishing accident that occurred on the roadway in the previous occasions. Once upon a time when kid relationships won in the express, a mother endeavored to flee from her town, with her little girl in her arms, attempting to spare her from getting married at such a youthful age.

Be that as it may, she met with a terrible accident while going across the NH-79 interstate, and both the mother and the youngster’s destiny finished with moment death on the cold concrete.

From that point forward, a flood of creepiness beats a little stretch of the parkway in the region of the accidents, fearing explorers, announcing some unexplained occurrences over the period. The spirits of the mother and youngster are said to drift close to the spot, attempting to spare themselves, approaching explorers for lifts, and afterward vanishing immediately and inexplicably. A couple of occurrences have revealed individuals being stuck in that 15 minutes’ drive stretch and intersection a specific milestone various times, as though stuck in a circle. Imagine failing to get through this horrorhighway. Creepy!


In the quiet residential of Jagatpura rules a genuine shocking tale which makes this interesting town one of the spookiest places in Jaipur. It is accepted that the partner of the natives is witches who won’t leave the spot. The scary story returns to when an insatiable ruler ruled the spot. Being denied of food, a few townspeople passed on of starvation, reviling the ruler for his evil deeds. A lady, wearing white, taking after the presence of a witch in an Indian classic horror adventure, is frequently found in the roads of Jagatpura. With hair free, covering the witch’s face, taking a walk around the roads of Jagatpura around evening time sure needs some mental courage.

Bhangarh Fort

Well known as one of the spookiest spots in Asia, Bhangarh Fort has offered motivations to the world to avoid the spot. Because of thrilling occurrences, the Archaeological Survey of India has put a caution that doesn’t allow individuals to enter the fortress before dawn and after dusk.

Eminent paranormal analysts have invested significant time with particular bits of gear and even discovered negative energies at the Fort. It is said that spirits assume control over the Fort around evening time. There have been odd scenes where individuals have heard hints of clunking of bangles, ladies moaning, somebody singing, shadows gliding at the Fort. In the older days, a magician got mesmerized and fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh.Luckily, he happens to see the princess in the market region.

He skilled her an enchanted love mixture in a want to do magic on her so she experiences passionate feelings for him. The clever princess, somehow saw through his awfulness. Subsequently, the magician has cursed a capital punishment. After his death, he reviled the Bhangarh Fort that nobody will actually have the option to remain there. Later during a fight, the Fort was damaged and from that point it has been haunted.

Delhi-Jaipur Road

Usually recognized as a blood-thirsty street, Delhi Jaipur Highway has a record of a few alarming stories and henceforth, winning a spot in the rundown of most horror places in Jaipur. Individuals passing by the highway have seen paranormal exercises in the region. A lady hung in red-saree wearing jewellery ornaments is regularly observed at a distance, without a doubt, it vanishes leaving individuals horrified. The townspeople share the story of when the act of kid marriage was frequent in the nation. A 5-days old young lady youngster in the close by town should wed a 3-year old kid. The mother of the young lady kid was upset and was denying to spare her youngster. In a hope to get some help, she ran towards the expressway with her youngster however tragically, a quickly moving vehicle hit her, killing her and the infant at the spot.

Rana Kumbha Palace

Presently this spot is another creepy chapter, considered as one of the spookiest places in Jaipur as well as Rajasthan. Acclaimed for its spooky mystery chambers, dark entries, and the chilling shouts of females. Back then, it is said that when the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji trapped the royal residence of Chhitorgarh, Maharani Padmini played out the Jauhar (self-immolation) alongside 700 other female followers. Known as Jauhar, the process of self-death, the ladies would successfully secure their honor in the midst of trouble.

From that point forward, individuals have seen unexplained occurrences in the region of the royal residence and have even heard the calls of ladies encouraging them to spare their domain from getting crushed. A couple of years back, a gathering of companions who remained at the castle for a night to watch any paranormal exercises happened to hear a lady sob for help as they were strolling in the royal residence. As one of the companions turned behind, he saw a woman dressed as a sovereign would do in that period with half of her face consumed, just to vanish in no time flat. Terrified a lot?


Sudhabay, a spot close Pushkar sidestep, around 141 KM from Jaipur doesn’t have a reputation as a haunted place. Every year a Ghost Fair’ is held here. Individuals who are accepted to be had or captured by evil spirits and elements come here to be purified and cleansed. The expulsion is supposed to be done when the enthusiasts take a dip in the heavenly well here.
Well these are the top spookiest places that only a daredevil would dare to visit. If you have already visited any one of them let us know and visit us for spookier content. For more such interesting articles bookmark Top 10 Things now.

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