Latest technology that will change 2020

Latest technology that will change 2020

10Edge computing

Cloud computing has become a common domicile to most of the businesses for their uncertain amount of data. If we start considering from Amazon cloud services to the smallest level of a local IT company yet using cloud services for its data, they all face some issues and situations of poor computation and the problem of latency with data.

Thus, to overcome such problems, ‘Edge computing’ has arrived that can compute even the time-sensitive data at low or zero inter-connectivity even in remote areas.

9Machine Learning

Machine learning is leading this generation with its prevalence and popularity across the globe. Its application and implementation is increasing as an epidemic disease.

In 2020, Machine learning applications are expected to be turning over $28 billion across the globe, whereas the overall funding for Artificial intelligence is expected to be of $45 billion only. This is noticeable that Machine learning alone is covering more than half of the tentative funding budget of the year 2020.


The term ‘Blockchain’, got famous at the time of Bitcoin arrived into the global market. Though the existence of Blockchain is from way before the cryptocurrency has led its foundation.

Blockchain nowadays is been adopted by the governments due to its ‘no-middlemen’ operational ability. Banks have been using it primarily for long as they need the most security in such a rapid transactions occurring after everything got digitized across the world.

7Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the synonym of future since the starting of 2010 decade. As it is dominating everywhere around us at every corner of the world.

It is even envisaged that the Artificial intelligence might rule over the Human itself who have built it and the concept was named as Superhumanism. After an experimental question asked to a robot equipped with human intelligence that ‘What will the robots do in future?’, it reportedly answered to ‘keep the humans in Human Zoo and also asked not to worry about it’. Yes, the statement was funny but equally a subject to worry and think seriously about. It was also reportedly said that the particular robot was immediately disassembled after the experimental session.

Conclusively, we are just required to keep ourselves uncontrolled and undominated of artificial intelligence supported gadgets and things like IoT. Otherwise, the before-said statement could become a reality and we will not a chance to wonder about it.

6IoT (Internet of Things)

Things like Mobile apps controlling the electronic gadgets in our houses is what we call ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’.

Things like that are useful no doubt and increasing with the time and technology passing over the manual things. But are equally harmful as they are decreasing the human or manual movement which is required and significant for more life of our human body.

5Cognitive technology

It is a type of technology that imitates the human brain and tries not to just implement but improve at its next attempt.

This technology is also misunderstood with human intelligence as the definition might seem similar but there is a huge in reality but subtle difference in definition. As one is just an idea while other is a concept as well as a form of technology in which the whole world and scientists are practising their best day and night.

4Deep Learning

Deep learning is just a part of artificial intelligence that also inside the branch of machine learning in which the computer tries to learn the unstructured/undefined/unlabelled data and figures for future remembrance on the basis of predefined algorithms.

The Smile of a face, the shape of a face, the shape of an animal for say a cat, but identifying them as their actual being or recognizing a cat seeing every other cat but without a label, is the main target behind deep learning.

3Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a technology that is actually snatching a number of hours from our daily routine everyday. People nowadays are busy playing VR games and watching movies on VR lens. The cinema and gaming industries are the primary ones who welcomed this technology into real life applications.

Virtual reality in 2020, is expected to be reaching 37 millions of a number for VR headsets in ‘getting used’ status. However, after further evolution and introduction of augmented reality things, the growth and sale of Virtual reality things only and individually went slow.

2Augmented Reality

A technology that shows visible reality which doesn’t exist in reality is Augmented reality. Augmented reality has one of the most famous and in gossip game ‘POKEMON GO’, which had even terrorized this world with a few fatal incidents caused because of this game and the craziness in gamers for catching the augmented Pokemons at any real location but were of course not there actually.

This technology might have entered with a tragic welcome but is a very useful and beneficial one from various aspects. Be it architecture, machinery, production, robotics, or gaming, Augmented reality is expanding with a sound acceleration and is envisaged to have 1 billion users by 2020.

1Neural network technology

It is a science that is inspired by human anatomy and biological concepts of brain and its information carriers ‘Neurons’. A Human body works with the help of neurons taking in and away from the signals for an action to be done or a reaction to be given or not. And that in overall we call Human intelligence.

Similarly, in the case of artificial intelligence, the neural network is a network made up of artificial neurons having weight and they are summed up for analyzing whether the signal belongs to positive or negative or inhibitory activity.

This technology has a great future and is going to rule not only just 2020 but the next many decades as well.

So, these are the top 10 technologies that will rule in the year 2020 and might bring some change in human and world’s overall evolution. To read and explore more such top 10 things, check out our other niches.

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