Top 10 Bloggers of India

Top 10 Bloggers of India

Most people don’t mention blogging as an actual job. But this is not true. You will not believe that many of the bloggers run their blogs as a full-time business and earning more than a manager or a senior employee of a company.

If you also think that blogging is wastage of time then, here in this article, we’re going to share the list of top 10 bloggers in India and their earning.

The bloggers we listed in this article are young and energetic, and they’re earning monthly more than a professional doctor or engineer. To become similar to these bloggers, you don’t need any investment all you need is desktop or laptop with a good Internet connection.

10 Harsh Agarwal:


Harsh Agarwal is a young, energetic and promising blogger lives in Delhi. As per the information, we got from various sources on the Internet, he is absolutely a young Indian who fully independent and has a sufficient amount of money to take pleasure of his life.

Harsh Agarwal speaks about different topics in his blog, talks about a various topic in his blog including starting a blog, making money from blogging, SEO, Social media marketing, starting a business, and many more. His main motive is to improve each and every person from the regular 9-6 job and guide them to be their own boss. He started hitting blog Shout me loud in September 2008 at still running and attracting numerous visitors on a daily basis.

Name: Harsh Agarwal

Blog: ShoutMeLoud

Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 26,00,000/-

9 Amit Agarwal:

Another top blogger of India is Amit Agarwal, an explorer on India blogging industry. He is a former IIT Student and until 2004 he used to work for a US-based company. Then he quit his job and started his first blog with the name as Labnol. For him, it was a great success quite after a few months of starting the blog. On his blog, he mainly writes about consumer software and mobile apps, etc.

Name: Amit Agarwal

Blog: Labnol

Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 30,00,000/-

8 Faisal Farooqui:

He is the founder of the blog Mouthshut is a consumer review and research website in India. This is not a blogging website but he is one of the well-known entrepreneurs in India. Mouthshut is mainly a consumer research and service portal.

Name: Faisal Farooqui

Blog: MouthShut

Monthly Average Earning: INR 34,73,875.00/-

7 Shradha Sharma:

Shradha Sharma is the one and only female blogger listed in this list. She is well-known for her most famous website known as, initially started with the name Your Story is one of the top leading media website in India, which majorly focused on sharing information related businessmen, founders, startups, and their story.

Name: Shradha Sharma

Blog: YourStory

Estimated Monthly Earning: INR 20,84,325.00/-

6 Srinivas Tamada:

Srinivas Tamada is a Chennai based blogger. Srinivas blog majorly focuses on web designing, development, programming, and other stuff. His blog is perfect for the peoples looking for technical information and stuff.

Name: Srinivas Tamada

Blog URL:

Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 5,55,900.00/-

5 Varun Krishnan:

Varun Krishnan is also a successful blogger from India and he is running his blog with the name FoneArena. His blog mainly focuses on mobile phones, technology news, and reviews, etc.

Name: Varun Krishnan

Blog URL:

Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 15,28,945.00/-

4 Arun Prabhudesai:

Arun Prabhudesai is a Pune based blogger. He started his blog in 2007. His started his blog with the name of His blog mainly talks about business, technology stuff, startups, finances, and more. Also along with his blog, he is very much passionate about photography.

Name: Arun Prabhudesai


Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 2,77,990.00/-

3 Ashish Sinha:

Ashish Sinha is also included in the list of top bloggers in India. Ashish has huge experience in the field of technology and has worked for top brands such as IBM, Yahoo, etc. He started his blog in 2007 named as

Name: Ashish Sinha


Estimated Monthly Earning: INR 12,50,775.00/-

2 S. Pradeep Kumar:

Pradeep Kumar is the owner of well- recognized blog Hello Bound Blogger. His blog mainly focuses on Social Media, Internet, technology, and tips related to blogging and making money. He is one of the youngest and energetic person.

Name: S. Pradeep Kumar


Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 3,47,437.50/-

1 Amit Bhawani:

Amit Bhawani is also a top blogger in India. He started blogging in 2007. His blog mainly focuses on technology, mobile phones, and gadgets. He is the owner of some other blogs named as

Name: Amit Bhawani


Estimated Monthly Earnings: INR 1,630,155/-

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