10 Facts About Republic day

10 Facts About Republic day

1. Why 26th January was set to be the date for getting Republic?

Indians in the late 1920’s had collectively decided to get rid of British rule and reluctant fellowship of them and their brutal orders. POORNA SWARAJ and NON-COOPERATION MOVEMENT were the two most successful movements in terms of Indian unity, which made and left an immortal impression into the pages of History.

26th January was actually the date of POORNA SWARAJ declared by the Indian political and social leaders, in which the govt. Positions, offices, products of British, or anything that was foreign, were boycotted and the day was proclaimed as the POORNA SWARAJ of India from the British rule.

The reason for choosing the same date for getting Republic and having our own Constitution is that only.

2. The first Republic Day Parade was held in 1955, at Rajpath, Delhi

The first Republic Day Parade | top10things

Though the place to commemorate the Republic day is Lal Quila (The Red Fort). The first five Republic days (1950-54) were celebrated at the same place, but the name of the place was IRWIN STADIUM, which then was changed and today, is known as NATIONAL STADIUM at RED FORT.

The first time, the REPUBLIC DAY was celebrated at RAJPATH, NEW DELHI was in 1955 and since then to date, it has been celebrated at the same place.

3. REPUBLIC DAY is a three day occasion.

Top fact about Republic day

The occasion of REPUBLIC DAY is actually a three-day celebration schedule that ends in 29th January with BEATING RETREAT CEREMONY in which the bands from Indian Armed forces, the state and central Police forces participates and compositions made by the Indian musicians are played.

The ceremony is a trend or tradition basically belongs to BRITISH forces, in which the armed man seize the fighting and firing and go back to their bunkers for the celebration of peace.

The ceremony has the President as a chief guest and ends usually every year with the tune of SAARE JAHAAN SE ACCHA.

4. A Christian Hymn- ‘Abide With Me’ on REPUBLIC DAY

On every REPUBLIC DAY in NEW DELHI, RAJPATH, the christian hymn ‘ABIDE WITH ME’ is played. It is believed that the particular hymn was the favorite of MAHATMA GANDHI, the Father of the Nation.

5. A ‘21-gun salute’ ritual

At every REPUBLIC DAY, the President is given 21 gun salutes while he unfurls the Indian Flag. The Flag is then taken along to the Parade organized the same day and now, the 21 gun salutes are given to the National Flag, Indian Army, Indian Airforce, and Indian Navy as a sense of respect.

One more fact about this is, the Indian Air Force was initially under control and was not an independent body. Thus, the 21-gun salute was given to Indian Army and Indian Naval force only. Later, on one of the REPUBLIC DAY, it was declared as a n independent body.

6. At the first REPUBLIC DAY, the president had a ‘31-gun salute’

Dr. Rajendra Prasad | top10things

21-Gun salute is a ritual set by the British rulers and rule makers or the army personals. The rule was changed for an unknown reason and the first-ever President of Independent India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was given a 31-gun salute on the first Republic Day.

7. THE PRESIDENT addresses the whole country in REPUBLIC DAY

President of India

The day is also special because of being the only day on which the country has been addressed by the President of the country. On the other days, The Prime Minister of the Country represents the country in any case.

It is a fact tat on 26th January, the country is represented by The President, while on the Independence day, it is the Prime Minister who represents and addresses the country.


The National Awards be like, PADMA AWARDS, BHARAT RATNA, MILITARY AWARD, LITERATURE AWARDS, AWARDS for MEN & WOMEN, SPORTS, BRAVERY, or the AWARDS for Films are given on 26th January only.

Till date, there had been 48 recipients that had received the BHARAT RATNA AWARD. Started in 1954, having 3 Bharat Ratna awardees at the very same and first year, there had been a few years like 1956, 1959, 1960, 1964-65, 1967-70, 1972-74, 1977-79, 1981-82, 1984-86, 1989, 1993-96, 2000, 2002-08, 2010-13, 2016-18, in which there were no BHARAT RATNA recipient.

9. The Constitution is only CALLIGRAPHED but NEVER PRINTED.

Constitution of India

It is the fact that the only two specimen of our Constitution were calligraphed only but never printed with any particular font.

Although, we can have a softcopy of our constitution and but to have a printed and registered book of our Indian constitution from the government side, is sort of impossible.

10. The original Constitution copies are placed inside the Parliament’s Library.

Our Constitution’s original copies (Hindi & English) are preserved in the Library of Parliament house, and are safely placed inside a helium-filled cascade to not get deteriorate and depreciated off the environment.

These are the top 10 facts for you on the occasion of Republic day. For more such top 10 things about anything be it Sports, Films, History, Geography, Lifestyle, etc.

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