No one can deny the fact that Gujarat stands out among the rest in its uniqueness for food or for hospitality. People of Gujarat are known for their sweetness in talking style and the same is with food also. The cuisine of Gujarat is known for its distinctive taste of sweet-sour using various ingredients in a different manner. The cuisine is blended with sugar, lemon, salt and some spices making it more delectable.

Here is the list of top 10 Gujarati food which you must try once:


Dhokla Gujarati Food Top Ten Things

No wonder, Dhokla is considered as the ultimate succulent Gujarati food which always greets you. It’s too spongy snack dish with which you can treat your loved ones. It is made up of a mixture of gram flour steamed and then garnished with mustard leaves and curry leaves.


Khandvi Gujarati Food Top Ten Things

The all-time favorite, Khandvi, is one of the best appetizers liked by almost everyone. It consists of yellowish, thin rolled bite-sized pieces and is primarily made up of gram flour and yogurt. You can have Khandvi along with tangy chutney made up of green chilies and coriander leaf. Once you taste khandvi, it will make you eat more and more.


Fafda Gujarati Food Top Ten Things

Fafda is a crispy, crunchy tea time snacks available at every corner of the street in Gujarat. It is a mouth-watering dish which will make your stomach full but your tongue still craving for it more. You can have fafda with chutney along with Jalebi adding flavor to your taste buds and will surely pamper you.

Methi ka Thepla:

Methi ka Thepla Gujarati Food Top Ten Things

Methi ka Thepla is crispy round delicious snacks can be taken hot with pickle or otherwise. It is a staple food of Gujarat and can be consumed as breakfast or anytime in a day.  It’s very tempting snack shallow fried flatbread, garnished with fenugreek leaf and green chilies, served with yogurt to add taste. It’s healthy and best to carry it when you are traveling.

Dal Dhokli:

Gujarati Food Top ten Things

The word Dal Dhokli is itself sufficient to bring water in your mouth. It is the favorite dish of Gujarati people as well as those who love to eat Gujarati food. The wheat dumplings are boiled with spicy tuvar dal made up of several ingredients like garlic, tomato, onion, and spices. The best part about this is that it’s healthy, filling and an entire meal in itself.

Gujarati Kadhi:

Gujarati Kadhi Top Ten Things

One of the most famous food without which a Gujarati thali is incomplete. It acts as a tantalizer in summers where the hot weather bothers you. It is the dish made up of sour curd, Indian spices, with the task of curry leaves along with the sweetener giving it a touch of sweet-sour. You can consume it with soft chappatis or with steamed rice.


Handvo Gujarati Food Top Ten Things

Belonging to the dhokla family, handvo has its own uniqueness and is loved by all Gujaratis. They are all time ready to eat handvo be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is a lip-smacking dish made up of thick layered cake with added vegetables and spices cooked in pressure cookers. If you visit Gujarat you must try Handvo which will leave a solid impression on your mind.

Gujarati Samosa:

Gujarati Samosa Top Ten Things

Samosa is everyone’s favorite and you will not find anyone who has not yet tasted it. Normally you will find samosa stuffed with mashed potatoes and other ingredients but Gujarati samosa is quite different. Instead of using boiled potatoes its stuffing is of cabbage and raw chopped potatoes.


Khakhra Gujarati Food Top Ten Things

Khakhra is a Gujarati snack, thin crispy healthy sheet infused with cumin seeds, spices, and fenugreek. Khakhras are not only tasty but healthy too. You can have Khakhra along with tea.

Surti Undhiyu:

Surti Undhiyu Top Ten Things

Surti Undhiyu is a traditional Gujarati recipe that you can cook to give a delightful treat to your family and friends on special occasions and festivals. It is nothing but a mixture of vegetables which is prepared with whole and ground spices. It’s yummy to have a hot bowl of Surti Undhiyu.


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