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Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas Around the Globe

Christmas is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Christ, which is celebrated around the world with gaiety. There is no known actual date of birth of Jesus Christ but is celebrated on 25 December. During Christmas, decorations display the Christmas tree, colorful lights, mistletoe, birth tableau and holly. During Christmas, people steal some time from their run-of-the-mill life. During this time, many people plan to go to different places of the world to enjoy Christmas.

Here is a list of various beautiful places in the world to celebrate Christmas around the world, which will help in making your plan a success.

10 Places That can make your Christmas More Happening Around the Globe

10   Lapland, Finland:

If you want to see the most beautiful Christmas scene then you should not miss Finland. This country with 6 months day and 6 months night is covered with a sheet of snow for 12 months. There is a small village in Rovaniemi called as Santa Village. In this village, there lives a man with a long white beard, dressed in red, whom people call the real Santa Claus. The specialty of this village is that on entering it, huts made of wood are seen. Every scene here makes the stories of childhood heard in reality. Almost every city in Finland has Christmas markets from Helsinki to Levi, the streets adorned with Christmas lights and celebrations make Christmas more illuminating.

9Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi beach in Australia is one of the best places to enjoy Christmas. Christmas is celebrated here with sand, sun and surf. This beach creates a festive atmosphere with the band and DJ. It is a wonderful experience to be apart of Christmas tree and fairy light at Christmas. This is a very amazing place for bag packers. Bag packers can enjoy the golden Christmas here to enjoy the incredible Christmas celebrations.

8 Bethlehem, West Bank

Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus and the Christmas festival traditionally increases happiness for Christians in the Holy Land. This place attracts millions of visitors and the Christmas festival fills visitors with a heavenly dynamism. On Christmas Evening, some people sing “Silent Night” and carry candles in anticipation of a midnight mass in groups of Palestinians and pilgrims. The Christmas tree burns and the city’s ancient paths glow with colorful stars and dazzling crosses.

7 Dublin, Ireland

One of the best experiences is to enjoy the Christmas festival in Dublin, Ireland. The streets of Dublin give you the opportunity to do a lot for Christmas. These streets of the city are brilliantly adorned with light fluids. You can visit Christ Cathedral Church which is the most impressive ancient cathedral of Dublin, it is located in the center of Dublin city. It is a permanent example of medieval architecture in history. The journey from Santa Special Train Connolly Station to Mayonnaise in Dublin City will definitely give you a golden experience.

6 Zurich, Switzerland

In Zurich, Switzerland, the Christmas tune plays everywhere in the month of December. Zurich, Switzerland is one of the finest places to enjoy the Christmas festival. Although Zurich is popular for chocolates, mountains, snowy streets, the place becomes an amazing destination to visit on Christmas. Visitors enjoy the Christmas tree and Guided Christmas tree here. Traditional markets in Zurich are wrapped in a scent of cinnamon during Christmas and adorned with celebration. Christmas festival in Zurich is really like realizing a dream.

5 Copenhagen, Denmark

The Christmas festival in Copenhagen gets a facelift with Million Lights and Christmas trees. It is a wonderful destination for the celebration of Christmas. The streets of Copenhagen are alive with Christmas markets, strings of twinkling lights and busy holiday shoppers, while traditional foods are available in every corner.

4 Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the Christmas holidays. Celebrating Christmas is a good option here. It will make you enjoy a delightful old-fashioned Christmas with an aroma of mulled wine in the air. The architectural and Christmas decorations of the three outdoor Christmas markets are very spectacular. Also, you can enjoy delicious spicy foods. A Christmas concert and Christmas workshop is also performed here.

3 London, England

During London’s Christmas festival you can enjoy Christmas lights and ice skating at traditional markets and Christmas shows. Christmas shopping in London allows you to visit the best Christmas treats, cool fashion boutiques and the city’s grand bookshops. The experience of Christmas concerts taking place in different parts of London is also amazing. Become part of the traditional Christmas carols at the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

2 Hong Kong, China

One of the best places to visit is Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas. In Hong Kong, Santa is commonly called Santa Claus or Father Christmas. In Hong Kong, Christians sing carols and also visit Christmas markets. There is a road in Hong Kong, which runs until Christmas, selling only Christmas trees and other plants. Christmas trees are particularly popular with Christians in Hong Kong.

1Strasbourg, France

During the Christmas festival the city of Strasbourg, France beautifies the street with lights, wreaths, and jewelery. Here families come together to celebrate and indulge. There are many Christmas markets around the world and especially in Germany, but the Strasbourg Christmas market is the most popular. The Christmas program consists of several concerts and a variety of cultural events.

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