Top 10 Yoga Benefits that YOU SHOULD KNOW

Top 10 Yoga Benefits that YOU SHOULD KNOW

Top 10 benefits of YOGA

1. Active Mind
2. Weight loss
3. Metabolism
4. Respiratory benefits
5. Stress reliever
6. Better Respiratory system
7. Body Flexibility
8. Energy & Efficiency
9. Recovering ability or Immunity
10. Detoxification – Get Rid of Acidity

10The More Oxygen you feed, The more active your MIND will be

Yoga is a combination of exercises belonging to all the systems in our body i.e. Respiratory, Nervous, Reproductive, Digestive, Excretory.

The vital thing in Yoga is fresh Oxygen. It is observed that the fresher oxygen you inhale, the better your body functions due to enrichment of oxygen in your blood. It actually works as a fuel that is desirable to be as clean as possible for better performance of any machinery (A Human body is like a machine run with the help of oxygen as its fuel).

9YOGA is an ANTI-OBESITY exercise which helps in Weight loss

Every body has certain flexibility in it for turning, twisting, lifting, and pumping. When we practice Yoga, we try to stretch ourselves and increase our flexibility to our next limits.

Now, the practice of stretching our muscles regularly burns out our bad fat and keeps our muscles more flexible everyday.

Every Yoga exercise demands stretching of at least one set of muscles. And stretching leads to reduce obesity.

Note that, obesity is not only confined to stomach or abdomen fat. It can be termed for any body part having more fat than it requires.

8 Metabolism is a game of Daily Schedule

A very few of us would believe in the fact that our body functions are naturally set according to the time. For example-

  1. Our excretory system performs well at 03:00 to 04:00 AM ( that is why we are taught to wake up early).
  2. Our Nervous system functions best in between 04:00 to 06:00 AM (that is why we are taught to MEDITATE early morning).
  3. Our Digestive system performs best around 08:00 to 09:00 AM (this is why we are suggested to have Raw and Heavy breakfast like Salad, Dry fruits, etc.).
  4. Our Digestive system gets weaker with the daylight (that is why we are suggested to have a lighter meal at dinner).

Metabolism is a combination of all these practices in a whole. The more you keep your body functioning on time, the better your metabolism will be.

However, there are many other factors that play a vital role in keeping the metabolism stronger like what to eat at what time, etc.

7 RESPIRATORY system is the very first part to get benefited from YOGA

If YOGA is about increasing your flexibility, it is also about commanding over your breathing and making the respiratory system of more capacity.

The fact to be noted here is, your respiratory system gets better even if you are not practicing for respiratory exercises.

Let’s take a common example of ‘SURYA NAMASKARAM’ for you to understand this fact. The moment we bend towards the back side or to the front, we are taught to exhale and do so, so that our lungs don’t get stretched and we can achieve the maximum bend easily.

This compression and expansion according to the specific posture makes our lungs and so the respiratory organs function well despite not focusing on them.

6Meditation has immense hidden powers

Meditation in this generation is something very under-rated and unknown source of energy. People do not realize the actual potential and the worth of meditation.

In ancient times, people used to have practised meditation for longer periods, sometimes even for years. However, that level of patience is somewhat impossible for us today.

The ancient texts of Hindu culture like Ayurveda suggests that meditation is the real source of strength and intangible powers. The basic things that we need to have for meditation is appropriate environment and adequate concentration.

5 Yoga is the best Stress Reliever

Practicing Yoga every day can save you from fatigue and stress-based problems like anxiety. The question arises here is how does it work?

Well, the logic behind it is quite intricate but very practical and scientifically proved.

The more you practice YOGA, the more you’ll get your physique fit and robust. The reason why we get stressed is our body stamina gets shattered due to continuous physical and mental exercises. Whereas, Yoga increases the stamina in both aspects.

The more you practice YOGA, the more your endurance strength will be, and the lesser will be your stress.

4 Improves your Body Flexibility

Body flexibility is nowadays a very under-rated subject, whereas, it matters more than strength.

People nowadays are inclining towards shredded body type more than flexible one. However, being flexible over shredded, your ability to twist and turn is way more than the latter one.

One with the shredded body can not perform all YOGA-AASANs, but one with Yoga habits can perform the same exercises that a shredded body-person could. The intensity may differ for both of them.

The fact behind this fact is that, in a gym, you work more on your muscles, whereas, through Yoga, you work on almost every part and organ of the body.

3 It increases your Energy and Efficiency

YOGA has been recognized all around the world today. Many nations have adopted it seriously and sincerely practising on it realizing its actual worth.

YOGA actually helps your body utilize maximum of essential things for your body that you intake. Be it then oxygen or any nutritious food. It increases your digestion, metabolism, and your capacity to utilize the good things more than you usually do.

Ultimately, your productivity and body functionality improves and so your energy and efficiency as well.

2 Improves your Recovering ability (IMMUNITY)

By having a better metabolism, digestion, and respiratory system, your recovery system is very obvious to get better with them.

The reason being, to recover a wound, our body needs better utilization of wound healing materials and oxygen.

Also, by practicing YOGA everyday, fresh oxygen purifies your blood and maintains the level of white blood cells which are responsible for immunity and recovering ability.

1 It saves you from acidity and keeps body detoxified

Most of us are usually affected from acidity due to junk food and improper schedule.

Yoga at the very first sight, suggests to work on daily schedule and then to avoid junk foods.

In the very beginning, we have discussed about the 10 Yoga Benefits and its significance. If one manages oneself according to that schedule, one would never complain about acidity and lives freely.

So, these are the Top 10 Yoga Benefits in a bit depth that you should know. To Check out top 10 things or facts about other subjects including health, sports, education, travel, movies, education. Click on them.

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