Top 10 Youtubers in India

Top 10 Youtubers in India

Youtube is the biggest platform to share videos is the fastest growing service of Google. It is the fastest growing social media platform after Facebook where anyone can upload their videos. The creators or who uploaded their videos on YouTube are known as YouTubers.

Youtube was launched in 2005, and It has now more than 1.8 Billion monthly users and approx. 5 Billion YouTube videos are watched every day. And the popularity of Youtube is growing day by day.

At present, Creators on YouTubers are uploading videos in different categories but the most popular categories or types of videos are Vlogs, Vines, Gaming, Unboxing, and Educational videos. YouTube also provides live-streaming to the creators.

Many people from around the world joining Youtube daily. India has more than 225 Million users. In India, Most of the companies or brands have the highest subscribers, but there are many people who choose Youtube as their career and make their own presence on Youtube.

Here is the list of Top Indian Individual YouTube creators of 2019:

10 Amit Bhadana:


Amit Bhadana has Self-titled YouTube Channel. He Mainly posts his videos of Entertainment category. Most of his videos are based on Relationship, Daily life, and friendship. He became famous due to his Desi Style. Here is the most famous video of Amit Bhadana. Amit is one of the highest viewed stars right now. He’s making videos that are pulling incredible numbers. His honesty, relatability, and understanding of what sells are key. He started off quite a long time ago, but he’s got a huge community now of YouTube subscribers. The best part about his videos is the amount of effort put into them. He ensures that his skits are always high quality and relatable.

Subscribers: 14,337,625

Views: 938,731,831

Joined Youtube: Oct 24, 2012

9 Bhuvan Bam:

This guy is one of the famous & top Indian YouTuber, hugely popular for his comedy vines video. His channel BB ki vines have millions of subscribers and the best part is, it is growing each day.

For Bhuvan Bam, his youtube journey started serendipitously. One day while watching a news channel’s coverage of the Kashmir floods, the anchor chose to ask a mother who had lost her child some insensitive questions: A offended Bhuvan Bam felt he had to do something. He uploaded a video on Facebook that satirized the anchor and his video went viral overnight.

Then he debuted on YouTube in June 2015. Now he is the most successful individual Youtuber in India right now.

Subscribers: 9,296,803

Views: 1,678,989,921

Joined Youtube: June 20, 2015

8 Gaurav Chaudhary:

Technical Guruji also ranks as the most subscribed YouTube channel in India. It is the brainchild of Gaurav Chowdhary, who is considered to be India’s top YouTubers.

He currently operates his channel from Dubai, UAE. This channel is very unique since it offers technical education videos in a simple to understand, conversational Hindi.

Gaurav Chaudhary answers questions from his viewers on various technical topics related to today’s technology, computers, the Internet, smartphones and a variety of other stuff.

Subscribers: 2,131,554

Views: 1,135,541,456

Joined Youtube: Oct 18, 2015

7 Ashish Chanchalani:

Ashish Chanchalani has a YouTube channel named as ‘Ashish Chanchalani Vines’. He was born on 7th November 1993. He dropped his engineering because of his interest in acting.

Ashish is popular due to his original contents. His channel is getting similar traction to BB, but with higher production value. It’s surprising how much YouTube can offer you when it comes to growth and views.

Subscribers: 11,606,446

Views: 1,026,876,860

Joined Youtube: Jul 6, 2009

6 Sandeep Maheshwari:

Sandeep Maheshwari is famous as Motivational Speaker and owner of Images Bazaar. He was born on 28 September 1980. Sandeep dropped his college because of interest in Photography but He is now motivating peoples through free life-changing seminar and Youtube channel.

Sandeep Maheshwari’s motivational videos talk about real life situations that people encounter daily and occasionally. It teaches them how to find motivation when depressed by external incidents or any unexpected eventualities.

Subscribers: 9,863,304

Views: 523,208,026

Joined Youtube: Feb 13, 2012

5 Rajesh Kumar:

You might be surprised by seeing this name here but there is no need to surprise because Rajesh Kumar is the owner of channel FactTechz. This channel mainly posts Scientific topic videos.

Subscribers: 8,895,975

Views: 624,059,572

Joined Youtube: Jul 24, 2016

4 TsMadaan:

TsMadaan channel provides Health, Mind, Family, Career, Society, and soul content-related videos.  

Subscribers: 7,182,905

Views: 757,390,531

Joined Youtube: Aug 30, 2008

3 Dr. Vivek Bindra:

Dr. Vivek Bindra founded the Global Academy for Consulting and Training. His channel is Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker. His channel is the Most subscribed Entrepreneurship channel in the world. He majorly posts content related to Business and case studies of a different kind of business.

Subscribers: 7,822,274

Views: 401,052,983

Joined Youtube: Dec 6, 2013

2 Nisha Madhulika:

There is no limit of Age when it comes to making money online, especially Youtube. Nisha Madhulika started her career on YouTube at the age of 56 years. Nisha’s channel is popular for posting videos related to Indian vegetarian dishes. First, she started a recipe blog and then after 2 years, she created her own YouTube channel. The best part of her career is, Google CEO also praised her for her youtube channel.

Subscribers: 6,860,031

Views: 1,278,584,758

Joined Youtube: Aug 2, 2009

1 Vidya Iyer:

Vidya is popularly Known as Vidya Vox because of her YouTube channel. She posts Music videos on her Youtube channel. Vidya joined Youtube on 14th March 2014. She has 5.3 million subscribers and 550 million views.

Subscribers: 5,726,412

Views: 601,547,073

Joined Youtube: Mar 14, 2014

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