10 Changes in Delhi Govt Schools

10 Changes in Delhi Govt Schools

Ten Things that make Delhi Govt Schools Better than Others


According to the media reports, the interviews that were conducted, and the report that was submitted by the incumbent government, there are more than 60 schools that are either under construction phase and some of them have even been completely constructed.

Students are offered to sit in newly constructed classrooms and not forced to sit reluctantly together. Also the bad toilets are revived.

9Trained Teachers

Teachers from government schools have claimed that they got benefitted of various trainings organized for them across the border including Singapore and Finland like developed countries that are especially known for their teaching curriculum and methods. And now they can use what they’ve learned while teaching in govt. schools.

8Laboratories revived

Laboratories that were found to be used with the same condition as they were for last many years are revamped with new instruments and adequate safety equipment like fire extinguishers and medical kits that are mandatory to be kept within the laboratories.

Not only that, the sitting arrangement has been completely revived with new set of chairs and tables, the labs have been air-conditioned and the walls have been painted with new colorful paints.

7Luxury improved

The government schools in Delhi were lacking in luxury very clearly. Therefore, the projectors are implanted in classrooms, smart boards are fitted wherever required, indoor gaming courts are revamped and outdoor gaming spaces are made appropriate and playable with necessary upgradation required like swimming pools are cleaned and water is made hygienic to swim.

6Skillful habits are pushed ahead

An idea of “happiness period” that includes skillful and intellectual habits like meditation, debate and discussions, value education and mental exercises are pushed ahead and instructed dedicatedly to fit a particular span of time for this happiness hour in between the school time.

5Resources availability

It was heard from the students and teachers both studying in the government schools that they don’t lack in any other competing factor than the private school going children but in resources only.

Thus, they are provided with all the support and adequate resources required for their skills to come out and take birth and grow higher similar to a private school aspirant.

4Budget allocation

Budget allocation has always been a subject of discussion and daily quarrel. But this time, the incumbent government has set education to its primary targets that are to be achieved as an agenda, the budget allocation this time was observed clearly happened and literally found to be allocated to the education department only but not divided in between the undeserving things anyway.

3Proper administration

Administration is not only confined to the government only, but it comes very first to the school level, and then comes to the government.

The government would have done for education as organizing the standard trainings at the best universities in the world like Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. But the further and before interest of teachers had been the basic reason behind the uplift of delhi education system.

Principals and teachers have shown their utmost interest on the upliftment of schools and not only that but they have realized the worth of pursuing such trainings and how beneficial they would be for themselves.

2Prompt vigilance

Vigilance is not just a requirement but have become a key to sustain the growth and even increase the slope of education standard graph in Delhi.

The education minister have made it sure that there would never be any lack in resources to any school and have always been into a proper vigilance all the time which made this possible.

1Mutual support and zeal

There were 200 mentors who had trained teachers and principals of delhi. More than 60 schools are been constructed or reconstructed for betterment with the help of ultimate class ‘labor’ and yet the students are managing to cope with that and continue their studies.

All that would not be possible only because of the government’s involvement. Yes, the initial step is the responsibility of the government as it is the authority and takes charge for everything. Be it to initiate something or transform and transcend.

These were the basic and materialistic top 10 transformations in Delhi government schools. To check out more top 10 facts about other interesting sectors, go through this link.

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