10 Ways to Eliminate Exam Stress

10 Ways to Eliminate Exam Stress

Exam stress is a very common issue for every second student today. Students are found taking pills for their stress relief. They’re found avoiding their family time just because of their exam stress. And many of such crucial things that are important to a student’s life are getting vanished out because of exam stress.

10 Most Effective Tips to be Stress-Free

Here, with this blog, we brought up just 10 easy ways or applicable methods to reduce some of the exam stress. Not paid anyways, but just natural and basic things to remember could help you a lot to deal with the seemingly invincible exam stress.


Having a time table is always considered to be a disciplined lifestyle. Army personnel are not just known for their badges and infantry. But they are well known for their time table first. They are known for their punctuality.

You would never face an Army person complaining about stress as everything is already well-planned and fixed as a time table.

Similarly, a time-table always helps a person who is around a challenge. Whether it is of national boundary, or an examination.


Building a time-table is not a difficult task. But following it with honesty is.

People very excitedly prepare their long time-table with much precision but realize later that the more precise they were while building it, the more difficult it would be to follow.

Therefore, make sure that you could afford it and not cheat with yourself.


Most of the students have a habit of putting on 2 or 3 notebooks of different subjects in one session and try to read from all. Which is not a good habit as it becomes difficult to memorize everything for a longer span for our mind.

It is always suggested by our elders to pick one thing at once and not to deal with many simultaneously. As it doesn’t get better results in return after focusing on many at once.


Studying hard and studying smart has a difference. Many students try to learn accurately what the textbook has in it. However, it would be smarter to learn and understand the context of the topic but not exactly what has been written over it.

Try to make short notes rather going for longer theories. Try to learn by speaking out loudly. It is believed that our subconscious mind learns what we speak quite easily.


It is a myth that profane or adult content could get you stress free from all the subjective things of your life.

Whereas, the reality is totally opposite. Profane and malicious content always give you temporary satisfaction and are momentary things that could never last for long.

They bring your stamina to control over your stress down and makes you addicted to such profane content for your whole life ahead.

Now you decide what you want. Temporary relief, permanent addiction or robust stamina to control over stress.

You might get yourself indulged into natural activities like outdoor gaming and exercises.


Well reducing exam stress through a specific diet sounds quite unrealistic. Yet it is factually helpful in certain steps of metabolism and digestion. As when you get a natural diet and avoid the regular junk, your metabolism and digestion both gets well, which ultimately keeps you relaxed and tension free from having a digestion stress in addition to the exam stress.

A regular diet chart seems sort of unnecessary for youngsters as almost everything digests easily. But, if followed with sincerity, it gives better results than the expectations. And believe it or not, meanwhile exams, it helps a lot in eliminating an additional stress possible due to unhealthy or junk diet.


Many students nowadays prefer night sessions to study, which is not ideal and considered as a wrong time to study as well as keeping yourself awake.

This fact has medical as well as spiritual reason or a base behind to prove itself correct. As medical science says, our body produces most of the acid required to digest the food all the day meanwhile the night time (12AM – 4AM). And if we keep ourselves awake during that duration, our body is very likely to feel severe acidity.

Secondly, not only just spiritual talks suggest that early morning is the most ideal time to study, but also the medical science suggests that our mind remains very fresh in the morning which would definitely help you learn those things which you feel are difficult to learn otherwise.


This is again a spiritual as well as medically proven fact that meditating at the beginning of study session stabilizes our mind and helps the brain work more efficiently.

It is like a river with a rigorous flow and a calm river for a human mind before and after the meditation.

2GET ADEQUATE SLEEP (Minimum 7 Hours)

As a student, our mind spends around 12 hours learning and studying from textbooks, which makes it tired and a 7 hour sleep becomes very essential to get back with the same energy and zero depreciation the next day. Those students, who don’t get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, would tend to weaken their eyesight and keep their stress with them.

Our mind needs some ‘me time’ for itself and if we don’t provide it with the same, it might not help us the same way and keep the tension all the time inside it.


Adding a fun session including your hobby or any game that could boost your adrenaline is very effective in eliminating exam stress. It is even been surveyed and found very fruitful to have a fun activity session in a day, as it gives your mind a time to relax and doesn’t bother about marks and your performance’s effect over your result.

Thus, these are the top 10 ways to eliminate exam stress. And to check out some similar top 10 facts about other genres like Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, News, Science, etc. Check out the sections and get your knowledge enhanced in a very short span of time.

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